Self-care in pregnancy

Self-care in pregnancy: Worcester businesses you need to know

During pregnancy, your body is working in overdrive to create and nurture your unborn baby. But all this is hard work on your body and can leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed. So, it’s really important that you look after yourself properly and practice self-care in pregnancy.

What is self-care?

Now, I believe that self-care is important regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. But, it’s certainly all the more important when you are carrying a baby.

So what is self-care? Well, in my book, anything that nourishes, revives, relaxes or revitalises your body or mind can be considered self-care.

And it’s done in order to maintain optimum mental and physical health and to prepare you for the challenges you’ll face in your day-to-day life.

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As the saying goes, ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’. So, you need to keep yourself in top condition in order to be in good shape to help others – namely your baby, who perhaps is only days or weeks away from making their entrance into the world! Exciting!

Inexpensive ways to practice self-care in pregnancy

Self-care in pregnancy needn’t cost a lot of money. Here are some simple ways to introduce self-care into your routine:

  • Pamper yourself (you deserve it!)

For example, what can be better than taking a warm bubble bath, reading a book, or eating a healthy, nourishing meal?

  • Make time for you

Or, making time to rest yourself and to put your feet up (swollen ankles anyone?), to let your mind wander freely – perhaps to imagine your future life with your new baby in your arms. Or, to chat with a friend?

These are all brilliant inexpensive ways to ensure you are practising self-care in pregnancy.

  • Try not to worry

You can also do your mind and body a favour by not worrying so much during pregnancy.

Of course, it’s only natural that you’ll have questions about the pregnancy. You might be concerned about whether your baby is developing as they should and whether the symptoms you are experiencing are ‘normal’.

You might also be worried about the future. Whether you can even deliver the baby (hint – yes, you can and you will!), whether you will be a good mum. Whether you’ll know what to do and whether you have all the newborn essentials that you’ll need once the baby arrives.

I know from my own personal experience that when you’re pregnant, it’s easy to let your fears and anxieties take over. But you may end up putting unnecessary stress on yourself and the baby.

Although it’s completely normal to feel slightly apprehensive, do try to keep calm, relax and trust in your body.

Self-care in pregnancy worcester

Self-care in pregnancy: Worcester businesses you need to know

Self-care can also mean paid activities such as enjoying a spa day or romantic weekend away or ‘baby-moon’ with your partner before your baby arrives.

Or, it could mean taking part in a pregnancy yoga class to relax and re-energise you. Or attending a hypnobirthing class to learn how to control your mind and your breathing in preparation for labour.

There are lots of lovely ladies here in Worcester running such classes, and I highly recommend that you check them out if you’re looking to boost your self-care in pregnancy:


Polly Woodward from Yogabellies runs pregnancy yoga classes which will help you to prepare for birth and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

Their prenatal sessions incorporate traditional yoga as well as self-hypnosis and deep relaxation and are suitable for all women regardless of whether you have tried yoga before.

They also offer studio- and water-based therapies that have been custom made for pregnant women.

To find out more visit

Self-care in pregnancy

Birth Choices Worcestershire

Jo Lederer from Birth Choices Worcestershire is also highly recommended for her pregnancy yoga classes, group antenatal classes and 1 to 1 antenatal education.

To find out more visit

Worcestershire Hypnobirthing

Hannah Robson is another local lady who is worth a visit. She runs group and private hypnobirthing classes from a studio in Stourport on Severn.

She helps women to change the way they feel about birth and equips them with invaluable tools and techniques to allow for the most positive birth experience possible.

To find out more visit

Mindfullness is a form of Self-care in pregnancy

Rock My Birth Hypnobirthing

Another option is Anna Owen from Rock My Birth Hypnobirthing. She runs private courses in Bromsgrove, Droitwich, Redditch and surrounding areas as well as group courses from a venue in Bromsgrove.

She will help you to feel calm, confident and positive about birth, thanks to her ‘no hippy’ approach to hypnobirthing!

To find out more visit

Self-care after your baby arrives

And don’t forget to keep yourself in a place of mental and physical strength once your baby arrives. Those sleepless nights may take their toll initially, but regular exercise, time away from the home and a daily dose of fresh air and interaction with other like-minded mums really do all help.

OneFit Mama Worcester

Local mum, Rhiannon runs antenatal keep fit classes which are perfect for local mums and their babies. She has a mother and baby/toddler postnatal fitness class as well as core and pelvic floor strengthening programmes.

To find out more visit

I hope that this list of local businesses has been useful to you and that you’re now feeling inspired to practice more self-care in pregnancy?

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