How to take your own pregnancy photographs

Due to everything going on a lot of you have been left disappointed as you won’t be able to have the professional pregnancy photographs that you’d booked in for. So, I hope this will help you capture your own pregnancy photographs so that you can treasure this time forever.

An upside of all this time at home is that your other half is there too to press the button on the phone or camera so all your pregnancy photographs don’t have to be selfies in the mirror!

The ideal stage of your pregnancy for photographs

I recommend taking them between 30 and 36 weeks, depending on how you feel. Usually at this time, your bump is blossoming and you don’t feel too tired.

What to wear for pregnancy photographs

I would try a couple of different outfits and see which you prefer but something that clings to the bump is good because it helps accentuate it. Equally, a button through shirt works well as you can unbutton the lower half to expose your beautifully round belly.

I would also recommend that your nails look good as they will be in a lot of photographs which brings me nicely onto posing.

How do I stand/sit?

Firstly, your bump is the hero of these photographs so as such you should be drawing attention to the bump.

  • You could put one hand on top of the bump and one below the bump
  • Hand on hip
  • Look down at bump (although I recommend looking down past your toes or just as far as a boob as otherwise it’s likely you’ll get a double chin trying to look at your bump)

When standing, try and turn 45 degrees to the camera rather than full on, so that bump can be accentuated. You could also try a couple at 180 degrees to the camera but my favourite is the 45 degrees. Also try and stand with all your weight on one leg so that your hip goes away from the camera, and then bend the knee closest to the camera.

Where should I take the pregnancy photographs?

The answer to this depends on your own personal preferences but here are some suggestions.

  • Nursery
    • If you already have the nursery ready, or almost ready, it could be a lovely place to have a photograph taken (would be nice if Daddy could get into this one too – perhaps set the timer on your phone).
  • Your bedroom
    • Your bed could be another great place. You could try some sitting on the bed and lying on the bed too. If your partner could take these shots from above, looking down on the bump that would be great as it provides a different angle. It will also help to remind you what it was like to look down at your bump. Also, shots taken when lying down tend to be very flattering.
  • Lounge
    • If you have bi-folds or a French window, standing next to these should be a great place to take photographs due to the fabulous light. If there is too much light coming in through the window, just move futher away from the window.


If you already have a little one at home it’s lovely to include them in the photographs if you can. Keep it all really simple and fun.


Things to be aware of

Light – ideally you want to be facing into the light and if you’re lying down the light needs to be at your head end, not your feet!

Background – ensure you’ve got nothing weird in the background making it look like you’ve got something strange growing out of the top of your head!

Use props – scan pictures, little bootees or a teddy that you may have bought.

Have fun – a couple of photographs with you looking directly at camera too will look great.

This is me when I was expecting – probably my favourite ever photograph of me 🙂

Inspiration for your pregnancy photographs

I take studio and outdoor portraits so don’t have any lifestyle images to share but if you Google lifestyle pregnancy photographs loads of lovely images in the home come up which you can use to inspire you. Here’s a link to get you started

Treasure these photographs forever.

For more information about my photography services, please get in touch via this contact form or ask me a question.

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