Coping with pregnancy through a heatwave

Are you pregnant right now? Are you feeling hotter than the sun and struggling to keep cool? The sun has been a long time coming and whilst the rest of us are rejoicing I know that pregnancy in a heatwave can be unbearable, so my heart goes out to you right now.

Which is why I’ve put together my top ten tips for coping with the heat when you are pregnant.

My top ten tips for coping with pregnancy through a heatwave

Keep the house cool

It might feel like a funny thing to do during the day but keeping the blinds down and curtains closed, keeps out a lot of the heat from the house. Especially if you do this for the side of your home that gets the most sun during the day.

Invest in a fan(s)

Position the fan near an open window to draw in fresh air. To further cool the atmosphere, place a bottle of frozen water in front of the fan.





Treat your feet

You probably have a mile-high pile of muslins waiting to be used when baby arrives. If not, now is the time to invest.

Take a wet muslin or two and drape them over your feet (and bump) at night and feel even more benefit as the air from the fans pass over the wet cloths.

Go shopping

Now I know this sounds like the last thing you want to be doing right now, but hanging out in supermarkets, or shopping malls will provide great relief as they have the air-conditioning you’ve been dreaming of.

Paddle (or wallow) in the pool

Maybe you’re pregnant with your first and don’t have a paddling pool yet, but I promise you – it’s worth getting one now. It’s the ideal place to spend time when the heat is unbearable.

Your freezer is your friend

What do you have in the house that you can freeze? Flannels, sponges, towels? You can sit on them, stuff them down your dress and put them on your forehead to cool whenever you feel like you are overheating.

If you are due soon, why not keep some frozen bottles of water in the freezer to drink during labour. As the ice melts you’ll have a great source of ice cold water to keep you cool.

Rings off

Your fingers and toes are likely to swell even more in the heat, so don’t forget to take them off before it’s too late.

Go floaty

You may be at the end of your pregnancy and reluctant to spend any more money on maternity clothes. But the benefit you will feel from a loose fitting floaty dress, even if you wear it a handful of times, is so worth it.

Plus, you’ll probably be able to wear it again when your baby arrives because, boy, will you be looking for more ways to keep cool with a little one attached to you!

Keep hydrated

You may already feel like you spend half your life in the loo right now but it’s so important to drink as much water as you can to stay hydrated.

Using silicone ice-pop moulds, why not make some homemade ice pops with orange juice or whizz up some yoghurt and fruit for healthy smoothie-pops to keep you cool.







Get naked

For my final tip on keeping cool in the summer when pregnant, I’d like to invite you to get naked. If you don’t need to wear clothes in the house, then strip off – feel the freedom – and the breeze.

Whatever stage of pregnancy you are at, I hope these tips on how to survive a heatwave whilst pregnant help you get through it. Stay cool ladies!

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