Beyond newborn: Cherubs Milestones

Capture your baby’s precious first moments – forever.

Your baby’s first few months will positively fly by. Blink and they’ll be ready for school! That’s why it’s vital to capture that precious first year now.  You won’t realise just how much they change until you look back over the wonderful photographs. You’ll receive all this for just £99:

  • 3 professional photo sessions for you and your baby– designed to capture the first year of your baby’s life.
    • Session 1– This is baby’s first photo-session. When they’re anything from a week to 4 months old.
    • Session 2–  When baby can sit up, it’s time for their second photo-opportunity.
    • Session 3–  It’s baby’s third session when they’re firm on their feet.
  • 3 photos.You get to choose your favourite from each shoot.
  • A handmade portfolio– the perfect way to show off your beautiful baby photographs.
  • No limit on extra prints.If you’d like to buy extra photographs as gifts for friends and family.

Beyond newborn: Cake Smash Photography

A cake smash session is a great way of marking your child’s 1st or 2nd birthday.

The sessions are a fun and memorable way of celebrating your child’s birthday.

What happens, is that we start off with some lovely fun images, before the cake has even come out of the kitchen. Then, when we’re ready we bring the cake out of the kitchen and let your little one explore and play with it – and sometimes eat it (but they don’t always want to eat it as they’re more interested in playing with it) – with their hands, their feet, their face and a big wooden spoon.

As you can imagine it is lots of fun but also pretty messy, so we finish the session with a dip in the tub so your little one can go home happy, tired and clean. Happy days.