Triplet newborn baby photography

Triplet newborn baby photography | Newborn photography in Worcester

I was so excited when I received an email last October from a lovely local lady expecting multiples. She was interested in booking a triplet newborn baby photography session!

She’d heard about me through a local 4D baby-scanning clinic in Worcester, Babybond.  (By the way, do check out the Babybond website if you’re interested in having a pregnancy scan yourself).

A rare opportunity to photograph triplet babies

As a newborn photographer, you might think that I get to see newborn triplets quite often. But, in fact, you don’t see many sets of triplets at all.

Whilst I’ve photographed many sets of twins, I’d never photographed triplets before. So the prospect of photographing three babies all at once was incredibly exciting for me! I was delighted when she booked the session.

Naturally, mum was super excited for the birth of her girls. Yes, she was expecting three girls – how wonderful!

Triplet newborn photography

When we spoke for the first time, she was approximately 24 weeks into her triplet pregnancy. She was really busy preparing for their arrival. Part of which included her making plans for a newborn photoshoot.

The girls ended up arriving about 8 weeks before their due date, arriving in December 2018. I’m pleased to say that mum and all the girls were fit and well after a short stay in the hospital and a few weeks at home.

They all came to the Helter Skelter Photography studio, here in Stourport-on-Severn, Worcester, aged 10 weeks.

Triplet photoshoot

Behind the scenes at a newborn photoshoot with triplets

I had to prepare for this fantastic triplet newborn baby photography session a little differently to a usual newborn shoot. After all, there would be three babies, not the usual one!

I ensured I had two assistants on hand throughout the session. Nicki and Sharon are ladies who I enlist to help me with photoshoots of multiples.

As my assistants, they were there to help me look after the three girls, as well as their parents. Because, as well as the actual photography side of things, I like to ensure that all the babies who visit my studio, and their parents are comfortable, happy and safe at all times.

Triplet newborn baby photography

Portraits of triplet girls

It was a wonderful session in the end!

I couldn’t have done this very special newborn photography session without my assistants. We each had a girl to cuddle, and Mum and Dad were able to relax while I got to work photographing the triplets. It worked perfectly!

The three girls had their own personalities. Mum and Dad had given them wonderful nicknames already – Lucifer, Kermit and Angel, which were very apt.

Triplet newborn baby photography

Bespoke baby photography sessions

Having spoken to Mum beforehand about the type of newborn photos that she loved, I knew she preferred the more natural photographs, without props.

Understanding what each client is after is an important part of my preparation for every photoshoot that I do.

I always ask lots of questions in advance to ensure that I’m fully aware of any preferences that my clients have. That way, I can ensure to tailor the session to my clients’ specific needs and create portraits that I know they’ll love!

So, for this triplet baby photoshoot, knowing that we were going for natural newborn photos rather than the more posed ‘baby in a basket’-type shots, I simply purchased three matching headbands and three matching wraps.

As you can see from the portraits I’m sharing here, the results were gorgeous. The girls were very contented!

Triplet newborn baby photography

Sleeping baby triplets

Another way that I prepared for this photoshoot was to ensure that my photography studio was nice and warm. This helped the girls to settle and sleep and is what I do ahead of all newborn photoshoots.

I was hoping to create the popular ‘sleeping baby’ style photos which I knew Mum wanted, and a warm studio is important for this. That’s because the baby (or babies, in this case) are undressed so need to be comfortable during their session.

Throughout the photoshoot, the girls were fed on rotation by Mum. Clearly, it would be impossible to feed them all at the same time!

Which meant that getting them all asleep at the same time, ready for the photos, was a challenge! But we managed it! And I got some fabulous photographs of them together, as well as portraits of them separately too.

At all sessions I do with multiples, I always ensure to get photos of each baby individually because despite being a twin or triplet. After all, whether they are identical or non-identical, they are still individuals with their own personalities.

Sleeping baby photography

Triplet newborn baby photography

During the session, I created the images I am sharing here and many more baby portraits of the triplets. I also photographed the girls with Mum and Dad so that they have some family photographs capturing this incredibly special time in their lives.

I know these images from this triplet newborn baby photography session will be cherished forever.

Parents with triplet babies

For more information about my newborn photography services, please view my newborn gallery and get in touch via this contact form or ask me a question.

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