Why do I specialise in newborn baby photography?

A question I’m asked fairly regularly is, “Why do you specialise in newborn photography?” Today I’m keeping the answer short. I will tell the long story one day; but not today.

Why I specialise in newborn photography

The main reason I chose to specialise in newborn photography is because getting pregnant didn’t happen quickly or easily for us. I had fertility issues, which thankfully we were able to overcome and we now have 2 gorgeous children.

But those years when we were trying to have our first baby were long. They were pretty lonely and isolating. They were tough. Emotionally.

Anyway – in the interests of keeping it short, when we were lucky enough to have our daughter we felt so blessed, so lucky and so relieved. We had a baby.

The birth itself wasn’t great and my recovery was far from perfect so I did feel a bit cheated that I’d missed out on fully appreciating the wonder of a newborn baby.

Right now, if I could do anything in the world, I would set up a charity to help fund IVF for those who can’t afford IVF themselves. So that I could help some women who want to have a baby of their own. I’m not in a position to do that at the moment.

So what can I do? I can capture this amazing, precious, once-in-a-lifetime moment in your newborn baby’s life. So you can remember it forever.

Because whether you struggled to conceive, or whether you got pregnant on the first time of trying, those first few weeks of parenthood pass by in a blink of an eye and the blur of the unknown. Not to mention tiredness.

Before you know it, your beautiful newborn baby will be starting school, taking their GCSEs and asking to borrow your car. And as the years go by, our memories fade. But photographs keep our memories alive forever.

And that is why I choose to specialise in newborn photography.

To find out more about my newborn photography services, visit my newborn photography gallery and get in touch with any questions you have. 

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