How to take your own newborn baby photographs

Your baby is due in the next 3 months. You dreamed of a newborn photography session so you’d have some really stunning photographs to remember your beautiful newborn forever.

How to take your own newborn baby photographs

Covid19 has put a stop to a visit to your local specialist newborn photographer, but you don’t want to miss out. Well, you don’t need to as I’ve put together some tips on how to safely take your own precious newborn baby photographs.

I will be taking you through how to take some more natural, lifestyle-type photographs as I can not, hand on heart, take you through how to take the posed newborn photographs that I take in the studio as I believe it just wouldn’t be safe. I know you would never knowingly do something to put your baby at risk but there are so many things you need to be aware of when posing baby in the curled up, newborn poses. If you watched a video on how to give your baby their innoculations you wouldn’t dream of giving your baby their jabs and I feel it’s the same with the specialist, curled up newborn poses that newborn photographers take.

To be honest, even with detailed instruction it’s likely that your first attempt would look like this:







Tips on how to capture some gorgeous newborn baby photographs of your own

So, here are my tips on how to capture some gorgeous newborn baby photographs of your own, like this:







  1. If you can, take the photographs within baby’s first four weeks
  2. Keep it relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the more successful the photographs are likely to be.
  3. Use natural light, rather than flash, so for that reason I would recommend taking the photographs in the morning.
  4. When babies are so young it’s great to photograph them whilst they’re asleep as when they’re awake their arms and legs tend to be constantly moving.
  5. Don’t try for lots of outfit changes for baby – keep it simple. A white vest works great (no socks). I would also take some with baby bare chested.
  6. The nursery and your bed (white or neutral bed sheets) work really well as locations in the house for photographs. When you put baby on your bed, please ensure your other half is close by in case your baby decides to make a move.
  7. Whilst in the nursery try and capture all the little details – soft toys, pictures on the wall, cot etc
  8. Get the long lashes, the tiny toes, their little fingers grasping yours
  9. Use pinterest for inspiration – here’s a few to get you started.
  10. Get Daddy to take some photographs of you and baby – feeding, cooing, cuddling.
  11. You take some photographs of Daddy and baby too – on his lap, on his chest
  12. Set the timer on your phone to get some gorgeous photographs of the three of you together – make sure you keep it simple too and wear neutral tones.
  13. Try taking photographs of the same shot but from different angles
  14. Try swaddling – check for any bits of thread getting wrapped around their fingers or toes.
  15. Have fun and stay safe.

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