Dad and baby portrait by Helter Skelter Newborn Photography

Baby Photography Worcester: 5 Must-have newborn baby and parent photos

During a typical newborn photo session, it’s not uncommon for me to suggest that parents step in front of the camera. In fact, I usually always recommend that parents have their portrait taken with their new baby.

This may surprise you. You might have presumed that a newborn photography session was going to be all about the baby?

Yes, of course, the baby is the star of the show. But, I still do love getting the parents involved as well.

Keep reading to find out why I suggest you have newborn baby and parent photos during your newborn session and for my five favourite baby and parent photo ideas.

 5 Must have newborn baby and parent photos by Helter Skelter Newborn PhotographyWhy have baby and parent photos taken?

As a professional newborn photographer, naturally it’s my job to ensure that you get the beautiful newborn portraits that you desire. But I like to also go further than that.

If you’ll let me, I also like to take a few photos of you and your partner with your baby.

Whether it’s mum or dad being photographed individually, or both of you being photographed together with your new baby, trust me these baby and parent photos are well worth taking.


In fact, even when clients are reluctant to step in front of the camera, it can often be the case that those baby and parent photos – that they didn’t think they even wanted – are actually some of their favourites.

I love it when this happens! When parents initially say that they don’t want baby and parent photos, but then fall in love with the images in their newborn photography gallery, it confirms in my mind that these types of photographs are well worth doing.

Having baby and parent photos taken during your professional newborn photoshoot is a great opportunity for you to capture your love for your newborn baby in photographs. And to document your growing family.

When are the baby and parent photos taken?

I focus on your baby first. Then, I usually do the baby and parent photos at the very end of the newborn session. By that time, I’ll have already captured all the gorgeous sleeping-baby poses that I’d wanted to create for you.

So, with those traditional newborn photos all done, I can then move onto the family photos without having to worry about potentially unsettling your baby. It’s not so much of a problem at that stage if I’m not able to get them back to sleep.

Baby and parent photo ideas by Helter Skelter Newborn Photography

Newborn baby and parent photo ideas

There are lots of creative baby and parent photos that we can try during your newborn session. These are some of my favourites:

1. Baby in dad’s HUGE hands

What’s striking when you have a baby is how small they are. While soon enough, they’ll be a larger-than-life toddler. Right now, in the newborn stage, they are so tiny.

Photographing them in daddy’s large hands is a great way to emphasise their small size. A tiny newborn cupped in their father’s hands is not only visually striking. But in the years to come, it’ll also prove to be a wonderful way to remember how small they once were.

Dad and baby portrait by Helter Skelter Newborn Photography

2. Detail shots – tiny hands and feet

I also love taking photos of your newborn baby’s tiny hands or feet, cupped in your hands. Is there anything more adorable than a baby’s tiny fingers and toes?

3. Mum or dad staring lovingly at the sleeping baby

Individual portraits of mum or dad with their new baby are also lovely. This phase, in the weeks after birth, is emotional, overwhelming and completely life-changing. I help you capture these emotions in photographs.

There is nothing more wonderful than the loving glance of a new parent as they look down on their newborn baby in amazement and complete adoration.


Oh, and dads, just to warn you – I do prefer if you remove your shirt for pictures. That way, I can create beautiful images like this, free from the fuss and distraction of clothing. If you’ve got an attractive tattoo to show off, all the better!

Dad and baby photo by Helter Skelter Newborn Photography

4. Wide awake baby shots

Your newborn photoshoot will typically last a few hours. Your baby will have (hopefully!) been sleeping away for most of that time. At the end of the session, they may be starting to get hungry or need a nappy change so they may well wake up.

This makes it a perfect time for family photos. That’s because I may even be able to capture some gorgeous wide-awake shots for you if your baby isn’t feeling sleepy anymore.

5. A family portrait

With the arrival of your baby, your family is growing! So, this is a great time to capture all of you together (and to involve older children you may have too).

Family and newborn photography by Helter Skelter Photography

Welcoming a new member into your family is a significant moment that is wonderful to capture in photographs. In the years ahead, your child will marvel at how small they once were (and perhaps how young looking you once were?!).

Looking back at family portraits over the years is something you’ll be sure to gain lots of pleasure from in years to come. Which is why I love doing these baby and parent photos for you as part of your newborn photoshoot.  They will become special family heirlooms in the future.

Will you have baby and parent photos taken during your baby’s newborn photoshoot?

What I’ve been trying to convince you about here is that it’s well worth stepping in front of the camera during your baby’s newborn photoshoot and becoming part of the story.

I wouldn’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to have beautiful family photos. While you are in my photography studio, it can just a few minutes to capture those extra baby and parent portraits. So it needn’t be an inconvenience.

What if I feel awkward in front of the camera?

Parents can often be reluctant when I first suggest the baby and parent photos. Particularly mums who are tired and may not be feeling their best in the days after birth.

But I absolutely promise that I won’t make you do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. And, even if you don’t feel that you look your best mums, honestly, don’t worry! I’m careful to ensure that the photographs of you are completely flattering.

Mum and baby photo by Helter Skelter Newborn Photography

They are usually head and shoulder images or are detail shots with the baby being held in your hands or in your arms. There will be no post-pregnancy belly shots – I promise!

Please book your newborn photoshoot early

If you’re planning to hire a newborn photographer to take beautiful pictures of your new baby when he/she arrives, then I hope that this has given you some useful tips? And, perhaps something to think about as you plan for your baby’s newborn photoshoot.

I consider it a complete honour and privilege to be the photographer you choose to capture the first few weeks of your baby’s life. I love meeting local families here in Worcester and I adore my work as a newborn photographer.

I would be delighted to create baby and parent photos for you as part of a newborn photoshoot. Please just remember to book in early to secure your slot in my diary.

If you would like to know more about hiring me as your newborn photographer, or if you would like to book a session in my diary, please get in touch with me by calling me for a chat on 07951 412010 or contacting me via this form.

Clare x

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