Advice you’ll receive when pregnant or have a newborn baby

The Advice

When you become pregnant, or have a newborn baby, you will discover that you’re suddenly a mecca for advice. Lots of it.

You will have asked for some of it; some of it you won’t. You will find some of it useful, whereas some of it….. not-so-much. Lots of it will be conflicting too!
And when your newborn baby arrives you will be deluged with advice. From well-meaning grandparents, friends, midwives, health visitors, GPs, old woman in Tesco…. Everyone.

The Topics

The topics on which advice is offered will vary greatly too. From how to minimise/prevent stretch-marks, what not to eat when pregnant, what exercise to do whilst pregnant, what classes to attend, whether to breast or bottle feed, whether to offer a dummy – or not and what baby paraphernalia you really need to buy. It can be really daunting for a mum-to-be/first-time-mum.

My Advice (!)

And of course, I’m now going to offer my advice – unsolicited. Sorry. Don’t listen to everyone. You can’t; you’ll drive yourself mad trying to decipher it all. Your baby will be unique to you, your parenting style will be unique and there isn’t one size fits all. So ask people you trust for some advice if you need it. For medical advice always go to someone qualified. But the best bit of advice I can offer is to trust your instincts, relax and enjoy this wonderful, magical time in your life. Your body is amazing and beautiful – it’s growing a baby – and when your baby arrives enjoy every second (may be a bit hard to enjoy every single second when you’re up at 3am and sleep deprivation has kicked in – but you know what I mean).

Because before you know it your newborn baby will be sitting up, walking and going to school. And you’ll be left wondering where did that time go.

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