Little William and his newborn photography story

William’s newborn photography story

Earlier this year I took a newborn photography booking from a couple who were expecting their first baby. As you would expect they were so excited to be having their first baby together – and I was particularly excited because I’d photographed this couple’s wedding the year before, so we already felt like friends. It was lovely to be asked to share, in some small way, another amazing time in their lives.

Early Arrival

They knew they were expecting a boy and their due date was 8th July. I reserved them a floating session in the diary and advised them to call or text me on the day that their little boy arrived in the world so I could give them a confirmed appointment (because babies rarely arrive on their due date, so we have to juggle the diary around).

To my surprise I received a voicemail message on 1st May to say that William had been born. A lot earlier than expected. I have to say that I was worried for them. He was almost 11 weeks early. I called them back straight away and got to speak to his mummy who said that William was a fighter and was doing really well. It was reassuring speaking to Mum as she sounded happy, relaxed and calm.

William stayed in hospital for 9 weeks where he made amazing progress thanks to the love and care that his mummy and daddy gave him (Mum religiously set her alarm for every 3-4 hours so she could express some milk for him – seriously impressive) and the fantastic care provided at Worcester Royal Hospital.

Little William Doing Really Well

I’m thrilled to say that William is doing really well and is a gorgeous little baby. He came to the studio when he was 10 weeks old (3 days before his due date) and totally aced his session, sleeping really well (although he did wee all over me – and unusually I didn’t have a change of clothes in the studio, which his mummy found hilarious).

Here are just a few of the photographs that were taken during his newborn session which his parents, and grandparents, will treasure forever.

  • Newborn Photography - Little William with his jellybaby toy
  • Newborn Photography - Sleeping peacefully
  • Newborn Photography - Tiny nose
  • Newborn Photography
  • Newborn Photography
  • Newborn Baby William
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